Biofeedback for RSI?

Question: Do you know of any research being done regarding the use of biofeedback for treating RSI?

Answer 1: Biofeedback was used at a clinic I went to here in the States several years ago. I didn’t get to try it out myself, but one of my fellow RSI-suffering coworkers did. She found it to be very effective for retraining her work habits and improving her ergonomic situation. However, she still suffers from severe tendonitis.  I don’t know of any conclusive research on the subject, but I’m looking…

Answer 2: No. But I can give you my observations. When I direct the blood to my fingertips — instant calm-down — _it hurts_. And it hurts more in the more injured wrist and hand.  Anyone any ideas why? (It _could_ just be a greater awareness of pain — biofeedback does that — but I think not.)

Answer 3: No, but if you look on the typing injury archive, accessible via my web site, you should find some info on biofeedback and RSI – also join the Sore hand list and ask there, as this is more common in the US.  I believe biofeedback is used to induce a relaxation response, like meditation, and increase blood flow to the hands/arms – I used QI gong to do both and found I could just turn off pain very easily, and I’m sure the mechanisms are similar.

I also found that meditation could turn off pain though this was much harder to achieve.I now use a ‘mind machine’ as an easy way of achieving a very relaxed state – you can select what kind of brain wave you want to achieve. I forget which is which, but there are different brain waves for deep relaxation and for sleep – I use the sleep one when jet lagged so I can sleep at the right time, for example.

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