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Question: The book is “Coping with RSI“, by Maggie Black and Penny Gray, published by Sheldon Press, £6.95.  Those who were on the list last year may remember that Maggie and Penny subscribed while they were writing their book and invited list members to get in touch to talk about their experiences of RSI. Maggie has RSI, and has been on the INPUT programme at St Thomas’; Penny is a medical writer. All in all, this book should be of particular interest to all of us.  I think this book ought to be reviewed by someone with RSI, rather than by a doctor, therapist, etc.

Can anyone interested in doing the review, please post to the list to say so? I think it’s better to post to the list rather than emailing me, so that everyone who might be interested will know when it has been spoken for.

Answer 1: I would be happy to review the book for you. I have had RSI for 10 years, been on the INPUT course and tried most treatments possible to get in under control.  How would I get hold of a copy?

Answer 2: I’d be interested in doing the review

Answer 3: A copy of this book has coincidentally plopped on my desk today with a request by one of my colleagues to read it though and pass back some comments.

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