Book holders

Question: Has anyone here managed to find decent book holders (especially for heavy textbooks!) which allow the user to read a book in an upright position w/o being crippled further! I need to find such an apparatus ASAP. Music stands aren’t really appropriate or sturdy enough, in my experience.

Answer 1: Have you tried a cookery book stand? I have a cast-iron one that I bought from John Lewis, and it holds some quite hefty books. The pages are held open by strings with weights on, and these are quite adequate for your average cookery book (e.g. Delia’s Complete Cookery Course ….). Might be worth a try?

Answer 2: There were book holders in those disability catalogues recommended to me in my thread on hand friendly items a couple of months ago. Right now I don’t have any of the addresses handy, but perhaps the person who posted to me could send the same info to you?

Answer 3: There are several book holders that sit on tables, listed in the Typing Injury FAQ called “slant boards”. Their intent largely is to provide an angled surface for writing, but some also have a secondary surface to hold a book as well. In either case, the slanted surface could also be used to hold a book some separate mechanism might be needed to hold the pages open though). The weighted string idea mentioned in Jane’s posting should be easy enough to adapt for any holder.  Typing Injury FAQ/Accessories/SlantBoards:what their availability is there in the UK, I’m not sure, but several appear to be quite easy to make.

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