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I just got Suparna Damany and Jack Bellis’s new book, “It’s Not Carpal Tunnel Syndrome!: RSI Theory and Therapy for Computer Professionals.”  This book is really good. It provides a comprehensive look at RSI, showing how the various syndromes one is diagnosed with (“X is wrong with your wrists and Y with your neck and Z with your back”) fit together into a complete picture, what part of the problem is original causes from computer use and what part is snowballing effects of gradually accumulating injuries, and a comprehensive program to treat RSI by changing the originary conditions and dealing with the snowballing ones.

They claim their system can make almost anyone functional (i.e. able to work with computers several hours a day) within 6 months.  I found the book very logical and hopeful, and though I thought I had read it all by now it gave me a new perspective on the whole problem and what I can do about it. (I am also very happy that the book directly addresses the crunchy-muscles-in-the-back problem that so far I have not been able to get a health care practitioner to take seriously!). Even as a jaded RSI information consumer, I really recommend it.

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