Book Review on Coping Sucessfully with RSI

“Coping Successfully with RSI” by Maggie Black and Penny Gray Publisher:
Sheldon Press ISBN 0-85969-811-4

This is a very well researched, well written, useful, encouraging and yet relatively short (120 page) book. It offers practical advice to people whose “RSI” problems are in the “chronic”/”diffuse” category. Unlike Pascarelli’s book this makes reference to the UK situation and takes into account latest research and treatment measures. It is punctuated with quotes from people with RSI which add to its credibility and readability.

The first chapter starts with a graphic account of the onset of pain that will grip anyone who has experienced anything similar. Chapters 2 and 3 outline the kind of steps you should take towards diagnosis and gives the treatment options both mainstream and alternative. The book is frank about the fact that there is little consensus within the medical world on RSI and encourages the reader to get involved themselves in the management of their condition and in their recovery program.

After some good advice about modifying your computer and workstation the book then gives the second half over to describing a the recovery strategy which is espoused by Input and many informed physiotherapists which they describe as:

Two ‘Fs’: Fitness and Flexibility Two ‘Ps’: Pacing and postural retraining
Two ‘Rs’: Relaxation and reinforcement

The title of this book: “Coping Successfully with RSI” does reflect its contents. It gently encourages readers to accept their situation, take steps to manage their condition and start the recovery process. The Appendix at the end gives lists of useful organizations and resources.

The Authors: Maggie Black – writer and journalist “has survived computer related RSI since 1992 and  attended the pain management and pain management clinic INPUT at St Thomas”
Penny Gray – a freelance medical writer.

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