Book review

Written by someone who has RSI. This gives a sufferers perspective unlike alot of books which are written by healthcare professionals.


Obtaining a diagnosis, including a description of most of the different conditions involved. Getting treatment and types of treatment, including most of the conventional and complementary therapies you would come across with a rating of how useful they are, exercises and stretches. Changes to the work and home environments, including ergonomics, desks, chairs, monitors, keyboards, mice, software etc. Legal aspects, benefits and employment and finally a section on further information.

Good coverage of the diffuse RSI/ANT/AMT, not quite so comprehensive on the accepted medical conditions. The accent is on treatments/coping with RSI rather than explaining the numerous conditions. Lots of contacts and further information. I have tried to find things that have been left out but when I check in the book they are there. The only thing missing is a section on anatomy, but this is better left to a separate book.

The book is cheap, covers most of the areas an RSI sufferer would need except perhaps anatomy – get an anatomy book, definitely worth getting.

Score: 9/10

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