Boom and bust

Question: Over the last few months I have been stuck in this cycle of my hands improving, Me getting over confident and hurting myself again and I can see that I have been pretty naive about the seriousness of the problem.  I thought, stupidly, that it wouldn’t be difficult to get over but, here I am six months down the line still suffering.

Answer 1: I sympathize absolutely. My RSI is much better, but it’s not completely cured – and when I get really stuck into some interesting work, I overdo it, and the symptoms creep back unawares, forcing me into more days of frustrating inactivity. The rehabilitation people I’ve been seeing say the hardest thing is learning to pace yourself and to know when to stop.

Answer 2: I think pacing is the most important factor in avoiding a relapse. Unfortunately just like you I overdo things as soon as everything looks okay again. Three weeks ago I had to work from home for about a week and I got lots of work done in those 5 days. The result is that I have experienced a relapse and I am now back to where I was 6 months ago..  One solution to the pacing problem is to get a piece of software to assist you in doing this.

I have both my Mac and my NT box set up so that they _force_ me to have a break after 30 minutes of activity. This is frustrating, but not as much as not being allowed to do anything. I recommend it.

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