Boots TENS Machine

For those who like Yegane don’t know what these are, they are a system which puts small electric currents through the skin and muscles (it is extremely safe). Although my wife does not have RSI, she has for a long time had symptoms very similar, which appear to be related to her coeliac disease (we suspect she may lack something in her diet). I find that the most important use of our Boots TENS machine is to make it possible for me to massage her trigger points, which are otherwise much too painful to be touched. I use arnica ointment, rhus tox ointment and lavender oil for the actual massage.

We find that very quickly after unplugging, the pain comes back, so the machine is a palliative rather than a cure for her. Massage can help sometimes but not others. When it helps, she usually drops off to sleep as all sorts of endorphins appear to be released. I originally joined this list because of the similarity between some of the reported RSI symptoms and her symptoms, which started between the time she must have started suffering from coeliac and the time she was diagnosed. The MSM mentioned in a post may be something for us to try (if I can find it). If it helps, I’ll report back.

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