Bowen technique

Question: Anybody heard of this? Someone told me about having had a treatment by someone at a Cornish Health Fair, and what a difference it made.  Something  to do with massage at the trigger points or acupuncture points? Any info welcome

Answer 1: The latest issue of Kindred Spirit included an ad on Bowen Therapy 5-day intensive training courses in Surrey and Middlesex during October/November  1998, contact UK coordinator Greta Gill on 01784 453584.

Answer 2: I’ve tried it – I’ll try anything once.  Weird and entirely useless. The therapist would make some very light adjustments/massage type movements on my back and then leave the room for 5 minutes. Then he would come back in, repeat the process, and leave again. It went on like this for 50 minutes. I got very frustrated as I was expecting (and badly needed) a back massage.

I don’t know what the logic behind it was (suggestions welcome) but it was a waste of time and money for me.  My advice – stick to massage.

Answer 3: Bowen was an Australian healer who developed a very gentle soft tissue technique to release muscle spasm and allow the body to heal itself. Their Association had a stand at the recent Health Exhibition at Olympia. Some Chiropractors use the technique to complement their adjusting (manipulation) skills. Personally I prefer the Trigger Point techniques used by Travell and Simmons.

I have attended a lecture on Bowen and I am sure in the hands of a skilled practitioner it is very effective.

Answer 4: I had some sessions of Bowen and did not find find it helpful at all, except that it was relaxing but then there are other ways to relax(cheaper too).

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