Brief panic: Sore tendons in shoulders?

Question: I’ve suffered from inflamed tendons progressively spreading from the wrists to fingertips and elbows for the past 14 years.  Yesterday my shoulders started to hurt – I HOPE I’ve just pulled a muscle or two, but am very frightened that I’ve knackered the shoulder tendons now too. I’ve known someone with inflamed tendons in their shoulders, and they suffered a lot.

  Please – does anyone know how I can tell if I’ve just tweaked a muscle, or if this is more serious? And what should I do about it? I’m trying to keep warm & not flail by arms about too much…..?

Answer 1: Move your arms upwards, both frond and sideways. See you if you difficulty when your arms start to move above your shoulder level? Difficulty in rotation and luxation is a sign of tendonitis of the shoulder.

Answer 2: Only time will tell but I sort of had a similar experience which did turn out to be a strain. It started me doing quite a few stretches (putting the arms up in the same position you do when you’ve scored a goal and then pushing backwards and also stretching my arms upwards together) which helped.

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