Broken record

Question: I know you’ve heard it all before, every time that it’s really important for my arms etc. to work, they get worse! Stress I suppose I’ve got m re exams in a couple of months, (had problems last time – I complained then as well!) so now of course my neck and shoulders (forearms not *too* much of a problem at the moment) have decided to give me grief I’ve had to go home from work several times recently because my neck is too sore to hold my head up comfortably.

Can’t concentrate on studying because of the pain I’ve  been  trying *so* hard with stretches and exercise, relaxation and breathing  properly, and I’ve now got a car with power steering; I thought it was all working for a while – but nope. Stupid RSI comes along to spoil my last lot of exams Aarrrgh and I can’t even say I feel better after letting off steam 🙁

Answer 1: I really, really recommend the Alexander Technique for neck problems. The difference it makes is just astounding! (You will, no doubt, now tell me you have already tried it!)

Answer 2: I’m a pianist (when I’m not having trouble with my hands) and AT really sorted out the pains I got across my neck, back and shoulders (from bad posture). Now I have no pain in my neck or shoulders at all…. shame about the hands!

Answer 3: Yes, probably it is stress. I only have to get wound up for the old sensations to return even if I’m nowhere near a computer. Have you tried going swimming, regularly? I do believe in the stretching and the other things you say you’re doing. But for me Alexander was no use; my muscles were so tight that telling them to relax was pointless: they couldn’t. Swimming and yoga really did help.  And are cheaper.

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