Campaigning about computer use in schools

Question: I’d like to see some campaigning about computer use in schools. Look at any newspaper photo of a child sitting at a computer and I guarantee they will be demonstrating ergonomic disaster. Usually they are seated too low with their eye line near the bottom of the screen and they have to reach up to the keyboard, with their wrists resting on the edge of the desk. They may only be using the computer for short periods at school, but if they learn bad habits now, they will be storing up trouble for later.

What can be done? Well if your child’s school is talking about buying computers ask if their funding has been calculated to allow the purchase of adjustable chairs and foot rests, and whether the desks or benching to be used is deep enough. Any parents who are choosing secondary schools should make a point of visiting the schools’ IT suites and libraries and if they find ordinary chairs should ask why proper equipment is not available.

Answer 1: I am a Health and Safety Adviser, who is very interested in preventing RSI, and entirely agree with your comments.  A lady named Bunny Martin, who runs a charity called “Back to Back” is a national campaigner for preventing RSI in children – I am sure she won’t mind me giving you her telephone number (0208 767 2056), as I know she is keen to get help with her campaign.

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