Can anyone advise me?

Question: I have been lurking on the list for a short while, reading all the comments and advice, but now want to seek a recommendation from people.  A bit of background first. I first noticed pain my right wrist after using a computer about 2 years ago (too many late nights solving Tomb Raider!). My GP was originally quite sympathetic and I was sent for some physio which mainly involved stretching of my arm on a weekly basis. After about 6 weeks the pain had gradually disappeared, but whether this was the stretching or my changed computer usage habits (left handed mouse usage & quitting games) I will never know.

All was well for a couple of months until the pain reappeared after a busy period at work (I use CAD and/or PCs most days). I revisited the GP and this time he referred me to a specialist in rheumatology (a mate I think as they were on first term names in the letters sent between them). The specialist examined me for half an hour, said there was nothing obviously wrong, asked me to sign the private medical insurance forms and told me to come back if it got worse. It got worse, I went back, was prescribed Naprosin (?) and sent away again.

I don’t like taking drugs unnecessarily so I went back a month later as things had not really improved.I was told that this drug takes several months to have maximum effect. I said that I wanted to know the cause, not cover the effects (I stopped taking the pills) so I went to see a man about some nerve conduction tests. These showed nothing wrong, so I had an X-ray of my whole arm. Nothing wrong there either. The pain was reduced now, again probably due to time and changed habits.  At the beginning of this year the pain started again.

Another visit to the GP, another referral to the same specialist, another “I can find nothing wrong”. The pain subsided once more. Then about a month ago it all started again…sharp, fairly constant pain down the inside of the index finger, in the fleshy part of the palm, in the top, outside of the wrist, the elbow joint, and occasionally in the armpit. This morning I re-visited the GP, first he suggest strong pain killers – I refused, then acupuncture – I said I was willing to try but wanted a second opinion from a specialist who had an interest in RSI.

My GP said that if I saw an RSI expert then I would be told I had RSI, irrespective of what the actual cause of my pain is (do you get the feeling he is an ‘unbeliever’?). He said that he didn’t know who to suggest so I mentioned the RSI Association to him. He told me that if they could give me a name of a specialist he would be happy to refer me.

So my question to you all – can anyone reading this who has similar symptoms to myself, who has visited a specialist, who has given good advise and had good results let me have the details. I live in North Bucks / Bedford areas but would obviously be prepared to travel, so location is not too important.

Answer: Visit the Blackberry Sports Injury Clinic in Milton Keynes. Ask for an appointment with Alastair, one of the physios. He used to treat me (until i moved.) You have to pay £26 per session. Tel: 01908 855414. As the rheumatologist can find nothing wrong, then a physio with the correct knowledge will be more use to you. Your medical insurance will cover this if you have some, otherwise, as he is local to you it will cost no more than your travel expenses to someone further away. You will also get some treatment, not just a label for your problem.

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