Can anyone give me any ideas on what to do next?

Question: Can anyone give me any ideas on what to do next? I work on a factory production line and have Thoracic outlet compression. In the last 3 months I have had to move to the companies larger factory as the smaller one in which I worked was closed. Since moving I have had to work on a production line again and have been in pain for the last 3months.The company has provided me with a new chair which has helped a little. I had an examination with a Rheumatologist who told me the only thing he could do for me was to advise me to change jobs.

I received a report from him which I gave to the company. I am at present on sick leave with depression due to lack of sleep (as I’m always in pain) and stress. When I return I have to see the managers to discuss this matter. Can anybody let me know if I can claim any benefits if I leave the firm of my own accord. Ideally it would be better if they laid me off as unfit for work but I really don’t know what the next step is. I have also a compensation claim going through with the union .I would appreciate any views on this.

Answer: Last year I tried to sue the company that I worked for I had RSI which was proven. I had 2 give up my case as it would cost more 2 pursue it than I would have got. I also had an underlying condition which I was diagnosed with earlier this year.2 late for my case (fms). I strongly believe that as soon as the specialists and doctors found out i was pursuing a claim they told me it was in my head and thought I was wasting their time. I also had to move last year and my new Dr. virtually told me to go away. I had to pay to see an osteopath who diagnosed me with FMS.

My Doctor now treats me like a patient. So I would advise strongly before you make a claim that u have a specialist that is willing to stand up in court in your defense. I saw 6 specialist.3 told me it was in my head.1 said I had carpal tunnel.1 Said RSI with mobility problems and could not work and the last one said I had myofascial pain syndrome. They all refused to go to court and stand by their diagnosis. Typical! My Dr. put me on the sick straight away. I got sick pay for the first 26 weeks and then I was put on to incapacity benefit which I still get now.

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