Can anyone help

Question: Two years ago I went to the doctor with pains in the hands and wrists, swelling, difficult in joint simple tasks I underwent a nerve test (inconclusive), surgery to both hands, carpal tunnel release, physio etc.  I still have the same pain, and not getting any better but no one has said I have RSI and just to keep taking the paracetamol,

Answer 1: Was it brought on by typing or similar activity?I don’t know about all the forms of RSI, but swelling doesn’t sound characteristic of RSI to me. Have any of the medics made any other suggestions for what it might be? (e.g. have they tested you for rheumatic problems, and so on?)

Answer 2: In answer to your question I can tell you that pain in the wrist accomplished with swelling is possible. What I see in some of the rsi patients is a form of sympathetic reflex dystrophia, a dysbalance of the autonomic nerve system. The symptoms are sometimes caused by very light traumas like lifting a box. Best way of prevention is to accept and respect your capabilities as they are at this moment. Try to enlarge what you can handle by doing the pascarelli stretching exercises very gently.

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