Can anyone recommend a physio in the Leeds/York area?

Question: Can anyone recommend a physio in the Leeds/York area with experience of treating RSI caused by use of a computer keyboard/mouse? I have been referred to a physio who had no experience of treating RSI and it didn’t have any effect, so now I am looking at alternatives to NHS treatment.

Answer 1: I would phone the Chartered Society of Physiotherapists and ask for a RSI experienced physio

Answer 2: I live in York. I saw two physios at Highthorne Centre (near to the University). Not much progress made with them (neck exercises and acupuncture). I am currently seeing an osteopath in Bradford (near the football ground) – I’ve a lot of faith in him and he is qualified in various other things. I can give you his contact details if you’re interested. Otherwise, I’d be interested to see if anyone recommends someone in York!

Answer 3: I’ve been going to an osteopath here in York for general back / neck problems, and I’ve found him to be very good, as well as being a nice person (…if you’re ever looking for a general osteopath, and find travelling to Bradford too far ). He’s Trevor MacArthur, in St Saviour’s Place, York (he also practices in Boroughbridge). However, he doesn’t particularly specialize in RSI.  Good luck with your man in Bradford. Is he particularly experienced in RSI?

I’d be interested to hear how you get on. I think that working on particular problems with my back has helped my RSI in a general way and advice on posture has also helped (as well as various changes to my work station, of course!).

Answer 4: Yes, Trevor MacArthur is terrific: a genuinely nice man and a very good osteopath. As you say, he doesn’t specialize in RSI, but he probably knows who does.  To the poster who wanted someone in Leeds: Trevor MacArthur was the partner of a man called Christopher Huyton, who practiced in York (in St Saviour’s Place) and Leeds. The Leeds practice has I think 3 or 4 partners. Huyton is/was — he may have retired — called the best osteopath in the North East.

There’s a York physio. who’s good for “diffuse RSI” who works at the Barbican (I think): I know one person who got treated by him on the NHS. Remedial sports massage can also help diffuse RSI.

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