Can Anyone Tell Me About…

Question: I have recently heard of wrists supports which wrap around your wrists and have a strip which supports your hands.  Anyone ever heard of these or knows any more similar information?

Answer: Yes, these are wrist braces, a metal strip down the inside (enclosed in material), and Velcro strips to adjust fitting. I wore them on both my wrists for a while. My G.P recommended them, and then the nurse made sure I had the right size fitted.  I had a problem that, because my left wrist was very bad (tenosyno…), I wore the brace for most of the day, and all night. This immobilized my wrist completely, and I had to have physio to sort this out.

Most of the stuff I have read on RSI generally recommends that you wear them at night. I guess you would need specialist advise on this!

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