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Question: My girlfriend who, according to medical opinion, has Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. I am trying to find an honest answer or two about the operation she had in June/July which was supposed to rectify the problem (or at least greatly ease it).

Despite the op. she still has no feeling in (approx) 90% of the right-hand – little finger & half of the thumb have some feeling-she constantly suffers sever e pain (especially at night) which often results in my shoulder being used to catch the tears & very rarely gets more than 1 hour of uninterrupted sleep at a time- In the last few weeks over Christmas 3 hours in one go has been the most over the 2 weeks.

She also has a Ganglean (sorry I’m not sure how to spell it) on her left hand causing immense pain too!What can I do help her? I just want her to be able to sleep & be free from pain! The doctors have her on occupational therapy, but how can this help? How can she be in worse pain & have less feeling after the operation? All I have read states 6-10 weeks & 99% of patients have a good percentage of relief, this is 6 months or more. She is worse & in so much pain it hurts me to see, I despair for her.

Answer: I don’t know if anyone has replied to you personally, but as I haven’t seen any replies on this news group I will give you my un-expert thoughts! Firstly, my great sympathies to Kim, its horrible lying awake with pain at night. I guess what people here on this group will wish to know is how the problem started in the first place i.e. what did Kim do to bring this on (and is she still doing it?)

I imagine you have been back to the Dr who carried out the operation to get his/her opinion? Have you tried a second opinion anywhere?The problem may have been misdiagnosed… for example adverse neural tension may give the same symptoms as carpel tunnel (although the ganglion probably shows problems with the tendons I think).Anti inflammatories such as ibuprofen either as tablets or cream should help the pain.

I would suggest that rest is better than physio treatment until the pain has gone down. Note that all of this is just personal opinion based on my RSI, (and that my doctorate is in physics not medicine!)


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