Car back rests

Question: In the process of moving house I am not living close to work and am driving much more than I would like. Physio said I should have a rolled up towel as a support for in the car. This works ok but find it pushes my spine forward so middle of back has no support and it is hard to keep posture right. Physio had little effect so now see osteopath which is great. got her to check my posture in car and she said it should not be a rolled up towel but a folded one, in a big fat square, right down to base of the seat.

I do not understand how this will work as surely it is just moving the back of the seat forward rather than changing the ergonomics to fit my back better. (Does that make sense?). She said a McTimney (? spelling) chiropractor says this is the best way. Have tried this but get aching shoulders, don’t think my towel is big enough.  What do others do for back supports in the car? At work I have a standard back support which is roll-shaped and that is good, but I suppose I never sit down for as long as I while in car (average drive is 50mins-1hr, do this 2x a day).

I am reluctant to buy something but would be interested to know if there is anything good on the market.  Hoping someone can suggest something,

Answer: Halfords have a good range of car back rests – I’ve got a lumbar roll and another one. I even use them for sitting upright on a settee at home!

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