Carpal Tunnel Query

Question: I have had the operation in my right hand in 1998 and I had it done on my left hand on the 9th July. I have had Carpal Tunnel Syndrome since 1997. It was always in both hands but the specialist told me that very often if you have the op on one hand, the symptoms in the other go away. I cannot say this is true, as both times my symptoms have returned.
I am not sure if they surgery works for everyone. I have heard success stories, but I have had the problem recur in my right hand and now it is quite bad again. Regarding my recent op, I think it is too early for me to say if it has worked as I still have limited movement in my hand and during and after work (in an office) I do get aching/pain in my hand and wrist. I do have an experience to share with the list about when I had my stitches removed yesterday. The wound has healed quite nicely, apart from about 1cm at the top where it was split open a bit. I expected this as when you move your hand, the wound is bound to gape a bit. I mentioned the split to the surgeon and he pulled it apart! I was obviously in pain and distressed by this, I was practically in tears. Then it was very red underneath which looked like it was bleeding, when challenged he told me it was the new skin which was red. He also rubbed the wound really hard with his thumb and told me I would have to do the same, but with some sort of cream. By this time I was in a bit of a mess and couldn’t wait to get out of his office!
When I got out of the hospital I noticed that the wound was weeping/ bleeding, so I was not impressed to say the least! Since then, I have rubbed cream into it and can now get the wound wet and it seems a bit better today. However, after typing this lot, my hand’s aching!
I wonder if anyone has heard of any alternative therapies, e.g. homeopathy to help with CTS, as I’m not too keen to go through this experience again with the other hand!

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