Cause of TMJ

Do a search on TMJ in the internet. It can be caused by injury like yours was. But do not discount an infection that can get in by way of the gums, through dental work or injury. This can be alleviated with antibiotics. One of the bacterias is Chlamydia pneumoniae. Search for more info on that one in the internet. If the pain and numbness in your lower extremities is caused by this bacteria, then antibiotics may be an answer. However, we pick up these germs almost continually from each other, so relief is temporary, 3 months to a year, but at least it lasts for a little while. Then one has to repeat the antibiotics again. The next time you are ill and are given antibiotics see if some of your RSI symptoms go away. If they do, notify your physician or go to a neurologist to seek further help. If it is due to bacteria, there is also HBO treatment. Search for HBO treatment too on the internet.

Comment: Two things to bear in mind here:

  1. Pain may go away during a period of illness, without it having anything to do with being given antibiotics. Chronic pain does tend to recede during acute illness; also, bed rest on its own can cause the pain to disappear temporarily.
  2. If it turns out that the symptoms really were due to a bacterial infection, then they weren’t RSI — it’s a misdiagnosis.

What is HBO?

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