Question: I have been suffering with a form of Work Related Upper Limb Syndrome which is called Cervicalgia for the last three years although I have only recently had a diagnosis. If anyone else is suffering from pins and needles in the arms, please take immediate action. Don’t just ignore this early warning sign as you are aggravating it. Later symptoms of this form of RSI include the burning sensations and constant pain, which has lead to depression. If you are struggling to get medical help as I did then Prof H. Bird at Leeds General Infirmary is a renowned authority in this field. You can ask to be referred to him by your doctor, but you must ask!! This may lead to a nerve conduction study. Some relief may be at hand in the form of nerve block injections the point of which is to relax all feeling in the affected area i.e. Neck and Shoulders to allow manipulation by Physiotherapy. Has anyone got any tips about relation techniques or pain management??

Answer 1: You will find that the German system works well. It is well equipped and accessible. It’s a good question whether it or the French system is the better but certainly, you will be better cared for there than here. The difficult thing is, when such services here are good, they are very good; when the National Health Service works as it should and even better than that (!), it is wonderful. When it was thought I had breast cancer I was rushed into hospital but “rushed calmly”; I found I knew all the doctors’ faces already, they had been in the clinic the day I was given the bad news; I was treated as well as anybody could possibly be (but the food was dreadful…).

But I have also gone to casualty after a bad fall, concussed and in shock, and had the concussion missed, and no tests carried out. I now live in a city with 2-year waiting lists for more or less everything (York and Leeds had short waiting lists); I now live in the other, larger part of the fund-starved, privatized health service. As your aunt says, it was very different here once. The first time I saw an occupational health service was when I was being shown round a factory in Germany. The service wasn’t part of the “tour”, we happened across it. And a friend of mine was taken ill, mildly: ZAP! Came a factory ambulance to take her to the factory clinic to make sure she was all right. You’ll be just fine there.

Answer 2: What job do you do? I’m particularly interested in healthcare professionals with this type of symptom. Many of my colleagues have symptoms of WRULD and I now have limited capacity to perform my job following spinal cord compression syndrome. I am doing lots of work in this area to research improving working conditions, in an attempt to minimise my colleague’s problems whilst performing their daily work.

Answer 3: I haven’t been able to find a definition for Cervicalgia on the web. I have bad circulation and get tingling and numbness in my hands and wrist due to damage to the nerves in my neck. This damage was caused most probably caused by me poking my head forward at the pc. My physio manipulated the vertebrae in my neck, especially C5 and C6, as they were impinging on the nerves, but has said that she has done all she can to help and I have some permanent damage. Is cervicalgia damage to the nerves in the neck?

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