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Question: Does anyone know how to work out the optimum measurement for the seat pan of a chair? My employers bought me a ‘Gregory’ chair which is a great chair except the seat pan is too deep. The depth is 50cm (I am quite short). They have agreed to get another seat pan made for me, and the people with whom they deal have asked me what size I want it. How can I know what is best? It took me long enough to get them to agree to change the seat pan, so I think I definitely need to get it right!

Answer 1: With the Gregory chair, your bum bone should sit in the middle of the rear section of the chair (i.e. the low density foam part). If you measure the distance between your bum bone and the back of your knee while seated, and allow an inch clearance between the front of the seat pan and the back of your knee, you can work it out.  A special seat pan is quite unusual – I have had narrow backrest versions made of the Gregory and other chairs, but never a short seat!

So make sure that you really need it, i.e. make sure you are correctly adjusting the backrest and not sitting too far back on the seat base.

Answer 2: I have an Aeron chair which I recommend… if you are at a University/ education establishment you do get a discount…mine cost 528 pounds inc VAT…about 100-200 quid off normal price…  if interested call TSI Ltd 01243 842760 or email… they give you a 10 day free trial…

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