Change Job Because of RSI

Question: Sometimes I have to wish to have a job where I could move a lot and work without pain. Has anybody changed his job because of RSI? Are there any jobs which you can recommend?

Answer 1: I’m thinking of re-training to be a teacher (not my dream job by a long way but am fed up with constant pain). I also looked into speech therapy as a career. But maybe voice recognition could help. Let me know if anyone else has any ideas!

Answer 2: Yes. I went to teach English conversation in Japan for 2 and a half years. The only qualification needed is a degree of any kind. I moved around the class a lot and only had to write the occasional bit of the white-board.

Answer 3: Yes, absolutely, changing to a dynamic job is the secret. I got RSI as a secretary and then made the following job changes:  instructor, computers museum interpreter sales representative call centre fundraiser home support worker student

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