Changing Jobs

Question: I saw my Doc today and she also suggested I change careers. Anyone got any advice for a 40 something female whose whole life since the age of 17 has been attached to a keyboard of some kind. I have also just had to give up my course in Kinesiology which I was hoping to go on and make a new career out of due to RSI.

Answer 1: I am currently trying to find a different type of job as in not a lot of typing but am having no luck, I have tried applying for other work but no one seems to want to employ me, I don’t blame them though! If you had an applicant with RSI and one without with both the same qualifications which one would you choose?

Answer 2: I’ve occasionally toyed with the idea of homeopathy – but how to fund the training if you’re not working? And how to be able to study (more writing/keyboarding) if you are?

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