Chasing The Dragon

Question: Please can someone advise me how to switch backwards and forwards between DragonDictate and Dragon NaturallySpeaking.  So far I have only managed to do it by closing one down and opening the other one, which is rather tedious and wastes a lot of time opening and closing voice files. I have looked in the online help, but could find nothing.

Answer: You should have a Switch to NaturallySpeaking command in Dictate. There’s another on dragon’s support pages — http:///, choose the Support link, choose Dragon Dictate — that adds a Switch (Back) to Dragon Dictate.  Neither of these works that well. A number of us on the voice lists has got to the stage where we can make the switch to and from Dictate entirely by voice except for the first time: then, and only then, the NaturallySpeaking mike has to be switched on by hand.

We have though overcome other problems by rewriting the macros.  Different people face different problems. If you can download the Dragon macro — or just try the one that’s with Dictate now — and tell me what happens, I can tell you the ways people have rewritten it.

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