Cheap Massage

Suggestions: For those of you who are financially challenged due to your RSI, and are looking for a way to reduce the cost of massage – you should consider your nearest Further Education College. Most of these have a Beauty Therapy department which teaches people Swedish Massage and Aromatherapy.

Most departments require ‘bodies’ for the students to practice on, although not until they have some expertise.As a result they may not require the ‘bodies’ until part way through the course.Any member of the public can book up for a massage by a student. The cost of a massage is approximately half what you pay in the real world. The downside is the masseuse/masseur is not quite as proficient as someone who is qualified.

If the student is doing an Aromatherapy course they have to do a series of massages on one person as a case study, and so the ‘body’ does not pay for these.[Free massage – yipee!] This may also apply for Remedial Massage courses as well.  If you are worried about massage making your RSI worse get your physio to try it out on you first – they will be trained in Remedial massage.

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