Cherry Keyboard And Other Questions

Question: A couple of questions on devices:

  1. How do I find out about the Cherry Keyboard? (I saw E-mails on these but where are the archives located so I can go back?)
  2. Does anyone have experience with a certain type of desk? Computer table?
  3. What about the Kensington Orbit trackball unit? Any comments.
  4. Would trackball be better than a mouse in preventing shoulder movements/scapula movements?

Medical question: Does anyone have any responses regarding nerve blocks?

Answer 1: The Typing Injury FAQ has information on the Cherry keyboard as well as others. I’ve heard some nice things about the Orbit, but have not used one myself.

Answer 2: Before you start messing with trackballs, try increasing the speed of the cursor. This reduces the amount you have to move the mouse to get where you want on the screen. Body and mouse positioning is also very important, make sure you’re not reaching for the mouse. Your arm should be directly at your side optimally. Also, the forearm should be level with the floor and the hand should be directly in front of the elbow, not off to the side.

We have a number of these types of tips posted on our web site. We are a mouse manufacturer, but, these basic principals hold true with all mouse types.  Check out our tips section:

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