Children In Schools & RSI

Question: I’m curious to know about training & health & safety in schools with regards to RSI. Having talked to a teacher today in a primary school with a swish new IT suite, it seems there is no provision for teaching good ergonomic habits – nor any legal provision for kid’s safety in this respect!! Surely, taking a long term view, we need to teach kids to use computers safely from a young age if we hope to lower the levels of RSIs in the future.

I told teacher in question I would look into ergonomics for kids & have found some good stuff on the web (particularly TIFAQ) but wondered if anyone else had any advice/info/guidelines I could pass on? Feel free to  mail me direct if you don’t want to post to the list I can’t believe we’re not protecting & educating our kids in this day & age surely it can only be a matter of time till someone makes a claim against a school / college in respect of RSI!

Answer: Agreed! Among kids aged around 12 we find 10-20% having starting complaints, here described as the Nintendo thumb, mostly Quervain’s. With no training at all.

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