Chilli Pepper Cream For Pain

Question: On “Trust Me, I’m a Doctor”, tonight (BBC2), there was an item about using chili peppers for relief of pain.  They interviewed a woman who is a guitar teacher. She developed “inflammation of the tendons of the wrist.”  Does this sound like RSI to you? It does to me.  She had two operations (!) which didn’t help, and then she was put on capsaicin cream, which a cream is made from or with hot chili peppers.

This apparently helped her a good deal.  The cream is only available on prescription. I would be wary of trying to chop up peppers for a homemade version — it could turn out to be painful. But it might be worth asking your GP, if you’re searching for an effective cream.  There is some information at  I would be interested to hear if anyone tries this cream (or has already tried it). A “review” for the RSI-UK web pages would be welcome.

Answer: I would avoid the cream because it is most likely a waste of money. In the US, I use BENGAY Extra Strength and it works but smells. It is available by prescription but it can be costly. About $20 a month. Also, supposedly Tiger Balm (white) works but I would not recommend it anymore since Tigers are being killed for such products. Anyways, be careful of creams that ease the pain. What is their cost? What is the proof that they work?

How much are you using and spending? I have had RSI for 4 years and am tired of this potential waste of money solutions. How about looking at the cause of the problem and dealing with that? Wear some wrist gloves to keep the wrists straight. Strengthening exercises. Massage. Cold and hot compresses. Relaxation. Deep breathing, etc. If you want to know what has worked for me, let me know.


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  1. Oh dear, Tiger balm has nothing to do with tigers but you might want to try dragon balm instead though, it has capsaicin in it and no dragons were harmed

    I have capsaicin cream (brand name Zacin) for my osteoarthritis and use when my crps and rsi flare up in my wrists too, it gets me through a bad day

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