Question: Has anyone had any success alleviating ‘diffuse RSI‘ like symptoms after being treated by a Chiropractor?

Answer 1: Sorry – not seen a chiropractor, osteopath for me! I am doing okay with that though

Answer 2: Yes. I attend a physio who also uses many chiropractic techniques. These have certainly helped over the past 5 months. In fact it was only 4-6 weeks before I noticed a marked recovery.

Answer 3: I see a physio who does a new form of treatment and he has really sorted my diffuse RSI out – almost back to almost normal after not being able to even hold a pen this time last year – he’s in Cambridge

Answer 4: I have found a chiropractor very helpful. It does not solve the RSI but has been the main thing that has helped.

Answer 5: I’m interested, what is this new form of treatment as I am getting desperate to find something to stop things getting worse.

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