Question: Have many of you people with RSI been to a chiropractor, I would be very interested in hearing about your experiences?

Answer: I have spoken to people who have had really good experiences with Chiropractors and was encouraged to go and visit one myself. I did not get the impression that the Chiropractor I saw had a clear idea of where to go (with me), I went a few times a week for a couple of weeks and mainly received some bone crunching which had no noticeable benefit on my symptoms┬ábut did improve the mobility of my neck.No doubt there are Chiropractors who have different levels of experience in the RSI area and this one didn’t (as I saw it).
I then decided that I should take a more aggressive quizzing approach before agreeing to see anybody was going to relieve me of any money. I found a private physic practice in Lamington, rang them up, and asked if they had experience of treating RSI type problems. They said that “so and so” did and I asked to speak with them. We had a good conversation. I asked “do you have positive outcomes?” “Can you describe your general approach?”; “Have you had training in AMT?” The answers gave me some confidence so I went along. The physic helped quite a bit, as did a number of other things.

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