Chlamydia Pneumoniae/Nerve pain

Information:  The bacteria Chlamydia pneumoniae, which most of us have living within us, has been found to cause pain, numbness, heart damage, dimentia, altzheimers, strokes, Multiple Sclerosis, asthma, & possibly more.That could very well be one of the causes of the pain associated with RSI.There is a blood test for this bacteria,Dr. Luther Lindner is working on this. I think Vanderbilt University is also. ON MS versus Chlamydia pneumoniae.

He has a website. He has published some documents regarding his research in the USA. He also has some nutritional advice. You can find him by doing a search in Also search for Chlamydia pneumoniae for more info.

High doses of common antibiotics kill the Chlamydia – and there goes the pain & numbness, but we pick it up from each other soon after treatment. So the cure doesn’t last long. The Merck Medical Manual, doctor’s edition, list the antibiotics used for Chlamydia. They are on the internet too. The USA would like to see someone develop a vaccine against the germ, because it is so prevalent & catchy. It would save us all a lot of grief.

Comment: I know that bacteria are thought to contribute to heart disease: there have been reports about it here. I didn’t know the bacterium you mention, which is, I know, capable of causing systemic illness of greater or lesser kinds, was one. That can already be tested for easily and easily stopped. I think the concern about the bacteria that cause heart problems (etc.) is that they can’t, though not because they have become resistant to antibiotics. (It’s for the reason you give: they just come back.)

I am anyway unhappy about taking antibiotics, and hardly ever do.  I doubt bacteria tore my tendon sheaths or are the real cause of the pain those tears and the subsequent adhesions cause. So I don’t want to give people here any false hopes.  But I do buy into the research into bacterial and viral causes of many diseases — see the reports on BBC Online — and into the idea that nutrition can do a lot to combat them.I really do believe the heart disease one.

I’ve taken up a boring wholefoods diet, and so on.  Thank you for giving these sources. I’ll drop in on Vanderbilt (and look up Lindner), and tap some US doctors I know

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