Chronic Laryngitis Again

Question: I’m sorry if I alarmed anyone by pointing out that voice activation programs can cause chronic laryngitis. But it’s better to be forewarned.  Back in 1995 no-one had suggested there might be a problem, and when my voice strain began I didn’t take it seriously enough (‘this can’t be happening to me as well!’). Two GPs and a consultant laryngologist also failed to see the seriousness of it until too late – a familiar story, unfortunately.

Care over posture, frequent breaks, and other precautions like keeping the throat moist, should easily save you from the abyss. Climbing out of it once you are there is rather more difficult.

Answer: I suspect that even without voice recognition software I might go down the same route, as I do phone support all day, and have noticed a dramatic decrease in voice quality by the end of the day. This is especially important to me as I do a radio show and voice overs – I can’t afford to be off form!  What did you do to recover from this? I’m thinking I should try to take some preventative measures now…

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