Chronic Laryngitis too

Question: I wonder if anyone can help me.  I have had RSI for five and a half years. Things have improved, but at t he present rate of progress I shall be fully recovered around the year 2150.   I have tried various treatments, but conventional medicine (both NHS and private) has effectively written me off.  I have also had chronic laryngitis for three and a half years, brought on by over-zealous use of DragonDictate.Again some improvement,but very limited really. Again, too, conventional medicine seems to have nothing more to offer.

1. I have heard that other people suffer the same combination of disabilities, but I have never come across anyone. Are there many of you out there?

 2. I feel sure that the two conditions are linked, as part of a? General problem of muscle tension (which also shows  itself for me in e.g. occasional bouts of lower back pain). Apart from exercises, care re posture, and relaxation (very difficult, I find) can anyone suggest suitable treatment which really engages with both conditions together? I have tried acupuncture (no use) and Alexander (good for posture, but the lying down does terrible things to the larynx). Would osteopathy be appropriate? Or chiropractic? (I am near the Sussex coast halfway between Portsmouth and Brighton.)

I’d be very interested to hear the experience of any RSI/CL patient who’s really recovered. Recovery seems much slower than it should be, perhaps because when one of your two conditions is improving the other is often worse (fortunately the bad patches don’t usually coincide!).

Answer: Go to a good chiropractor ( registered with the British Chiropractic Association ). If you like I could recommend one in your area. Have many of you people with RSI been to a chiropractor, I would be very interested in hearing about your experiences. I treat about two cases a week, I tend to have positive results with sudden acute presentations, for the chronic cases prognosis varies depending on patient compliance.

Dr Richard Lanigan BSc. DC. Family Chiropractor

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