Cirque Power Cat

Question: I am trying to get hold of the new ‘Powercat’ keyboard from Cirque. It is an ergonomic one which has a built-in touchpad (easily configurable) and can be raised to different levels at the front. I have tried it’s predecessor as a friend has one. However I cannot seem to find anybody in the Uk who stock it. PC world are supposed to according to the manufacturer, but they deny all knowledge of its existence!!

Anybody know where I could obtain one, o/w looks like I might have to order direct from the US, I am a little reluctant to do this as it would be rather difficult to take back if faulty etc…

Answer: I am actually using a Cirque Power Cat touchpad which I find is excellent for me personally.  The supplier in the UK is a company called Touchstone. Their address is:

Touchstone Resources Ltd
22 Portmore Park Road
KT13 8ES
Tel: 01932 845151
Fax: 01932 844357

Contact them for details as I am not sure if the keyboard is out here yet.

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