Information: I do recall now that my allergist advises I drink coffee when my lungs caused me much distress during hay fever season. He said it would clear the lungs a bit, lift my spirits & I would feel better. It did. But I limited the intake to 2 cups a day. That was several years ago.  After I began eating the raw pumpkin seeds 3 years ago, my allergies greatly subsided.

But it took 2 hay fever seasons to see some really big relief. Last fall I did not have to take any antihistamines for my hay fever at all.This was new to me, as I could barely function at all, even with shots & antihistamines, during the hay fever seasons for the 40 years prior.

Comment 1: I seem to remember reading somewhere that pumpkin seeds in bulk can cause gynomastia and impotence in males. Do they contain any female hormones?

Comment 2: Apparently not, according to the Phytochemical Database at  They certainly do contain a whole grab-bag of active ingredients, though, including phenylalanine, GABA, and tryptophan.

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