Cold Hands

Question:  The treatment I’m receiving from a osteopath is helping the tension in my arms and shoulders… slowly. But I still get very cold hands as soon as someone opens a window in the office or if there’s a draft – cold hands grind to a halt and seem to make everything else start hurting. Does anyone have any tips on keeping hands warm?

Answer 1: A fingerless glove is an answer. I used to end up wearing a long-sleeved item of clothing even in the summer!. I did try the sports wrists band, but these caused too much compression on my wrists.

Answer 2: Make sure you breathe steadily and deeply massaging your arms if this isn’t too painful, and/or getting someone to massage your shoulders. A good massage move is to get someone to place their palms on your upper arms, and gently sweep them all the way down and off your hands, then repeat a few times.  The aim of both of these is to get better circulation. It’s useful to keep an eye on how your circulation is doing.

One way is to look at the palms of your hands and see whether they are pink (plenty of blood), white/pale (not so good), or blotchy (intermediate). It might also help act as an early warning system.

Answer 3: I too get cold hands (feet, nose ears) I have been told that it is raynards phenomenon. Some web sites say it can be linked to cts. Dr can do tests. It’s a circulation problem that needs to be treated. As far as I’m aware physio will not help.

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