Has anyone got a particularly comfy (or at least pain-relieving) workstation set up?

Question: I’ve had the good luck to be able to talk work into buying me a better workstation than the one I’m currently using, but I’ve got to figure out what I want. I’m looking for something that has both a height adjustable keyboard tray and an independently height adjustable monitor shelf.  Has anyone got a particularly comfy (or at least pain-relieving) workstation set up? If so, where did you get it from? Is there anything I ought to try and avoid when buying a workstation?

Answer 1: Make sure your gear is solid, I think in general it can be bad if the whole thing’s moving around and your fighting to keep it all together e.g. keyboard slips on desk or your chair keeps moving because it’s got wheels on a smooth floor or the desk wobbles. I’m not sure this gives you RSI but it can certainly lure you into bad posture leading to RSI.  If possible visit the supplier’s show room to try it out for size.  I just got a corner unit with a radius in the corner.

It looks like it should fit you like a glove when you sit to it. For me it fails miserably as it just doesn’t feel right for my arms. I much prefer a plain straight edged desk to sit square at. At home I bought a wave desk so I can sit square at it but still get my system sort of in the corner and keep most of my desk free.  Putting the screen high up and your keyboard low down can be bad because you have to keep looking up and down, it tires your eyes.

The opposite which is to have the keyboard and screen close together is good for the eyes but you have to make sure it’s all at a compromise height so neither your hands nor your neck / back strain.  However, if your one of the few who can type without looking then you in great shape.

Answer 2: There are several companies that supply fully adjustable workstations, but they don’t come cheap. You could try Datadesk, Unfortunately I have thrown away all the catalogues I had when looking into this for my new CAD station.

Answer 3: I’ve actually purchased a couple of desks from SIS, in the Soho range, they can go very high and are not that expensive, around 200quid for one that takes a PC with 17″ monitor comfortably.  Sorry, I can’t find a URL, but ask your local office furniture  supplier… they come flat-pack!

Answer 4: I’d say your main priority is to get the right chair. You can then lower it to work at your desk and raise it for your PC (with a foot stool)and alter the depth settings etc. We all have the same desks at work, but different chairs. This worked for me.

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