Computer Related Eye Problems – Probably Off Topic

Question: In the past 6 months, my rsi in both my arms has diminished, giving now only minimal symptoms after a long period (more than 5 hours a day, excluding the very necessary breaks) behind the screen. I am still working to change my habits more to get rid of all rsi symptoms. However, during the past weeks, I noticed that my eyes are aching at the end of a working day. I don’t know exactly how to describe the feeling, but it is feeling a bit sore, like you have stared too long and too intensive through a magnifying glass.

I had my lenses measured recently; therefore I know that I don’t need glasses. Moreover, I have exceptionally good sight, nearby and further away.  Has anyone noticed the same, while working a lot behind a (computer-) screen? Are there any remedies known to anybody (except for leaving the computer)?

Answer: This could be “dry eye”. The cure if it is a pot-plant by your computer, regularly watered (seriously!). Dry eye is caused by low relative humidity.

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