Possible connection between RSI and Whiplash

Question: I found in the archives of loud.n.clear your answer to Judy (of 24 Oct. 1997) on the subject of Whiplash.  Hoping to find more info on possible connection between RSI and Whiplash. Maybe you have (knowledge or) experience.

Answer 1: I have very little knowledge of RSI and Whiplash injuries. All I can say is that any injury to the neck would probably aggravate your RSI if it (the RSI) was caused by a muscle or nerve problem in the neck. A Whiplash injury could of course create trigger points in the neck/shoulder region.  If you are looking for treatment for Whiplash injuries then find a good physiotherapist/chiropractor/osteopath. They should also be able to treat your RSI and would look at your RSI/Whiplash injury as a whole

Answer 2: From my reading around rsi, and its possible physiological nature I think there may be a very interesting connection between whiplash and rsi. Following the theory that rsi is a disorder of the connective tissue (fascia) as a result of a disorder of the pain control system (hence the chronic pain), whiplash is the connective tissue doing what it is meant to e.g. going from a soft to a rigid form (I believe it is a liquid crystal) as a result of trauma in order to protect the body (especially the spinal cord).

So rsi is very similar to whiplash, it is the connective tissue acting in a similar way as a disorder rather in appropriate circumstances as with whiplash.  There’s a very interesting book called ‘Job’s Body’ which talks a lot about connective tissue and its functions and another ‘A self help guide to carpal tunnel syndrome and other r. s. i’s’ which also is hot on the connective tissue aspect of rsi. Can’t remember the authors but I can look them up if you are interested.

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