Question: Does anyone know what Dr Richard Pearson’s medical specialism is? I mean, is he a rheumatologist or an occupational health person or something other? My doctor is going to try and organize a referral to him and I she asked me this. I could only say he worked at Bart’s & specialized in treating cases of RSI. Another question.  I’m unable to find the contact details/website for ‘ability net’ and ‘PACT’, can anyone help?

Answer 1: AbilityNet phone number: 0800 269545. PACT is the Placement, Assessment and Counseling Team. It is reached through the Disability Employment Advisor at your local job centre, near where you work. PACTS administer the Access to Work scheme.

Answer 2: Dr Pearson’s specialism is as a rheumatologist. When he treated me 2 years ago he was running the high blood pressure clinic at Barts as well, but initially I had to see him privately about RSI. I had a very good experience of him and would recommend him wholeheartedly if he is still seeing RSI patients, although I heard he had been roughed up in the press and maybe wasn’t. He helped me get back to almost full health and function from a position of severe disability


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  1. I saw Dr Pearson at Barts in 1994 and asked him to investigate my case history of ankylosing spondylitis, which I recognized from my x-rays and history was caused by RSI. It was a calcified form of RSI which occurs in the spine. Allopathic medicine attributes this potential to the health of the person and in my case induced it over twenty years with powerful anti-inflammatory pain killers.

    If RSI occurs in the spine and causes inflammation of the ligament holding the vertibrae together, it triggers off an immune system effect which pours calcium into the affected ligament and fuses the spine together. Calcification can also occur in the shoulder not from my experience elsewhere. If anything proves that RSI exists it is AS.

    My recovery from the knee problem in 1972 occurred naturally with a change of job but for twenty years I thought the drugs had done it because of their diagnostic practise which blames the condition on one’s health.

    Dr Pearson refused to investigate and bundled me out of his office.

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