Contact Lenses, Anti Glare Screens And Exercise

Question: Have people found difficulties or not wearing contact lenses in front of the screen. Can it increase eye strain possibly?  Also, I want to buy anti-glare screens, but am bemused by the sheer number of them. Does anybody know much about the different types and what I am looking for if I want to reduce eye strain? Some of them seem to make the screen very dark. My chiropractor said that glare can cause the muscles at the back of the eye to strain, which affect neck muscles and so on.

Finally, I want to buy some home exercise equipment, such as a bicycle or a cheap (!) treadmill as exercising aerobically regularly is the one thing I have not yet tried for my rsi. Have people got such equipment at work and are they good quality. I am thinking of going to my local Argos and Index store to buy. Because I have shoulder/arm/hand/neck pain, I am wondering how sitting on an exercise bike for40 minutes a day will affect it. Some of the handles seem a stretch from the body.

Answer 1: I bought an exercise bike about 4 years ago when I had to give up playing squash and other racquet sports. It has been an enormous help for exercise. I rarely use the arm rests as it is possible to cycle just using your legs. I think there ought to be a model which incorporates a book rest though!

Answer 2: I’ve recently bought a thing called an Air Walker, or Health Walker. It cost me around UKP200.  It consists of a frame upon which four metal struts hang with two flat pedals on the end. You put your feet on the pedals and “walk” for however long feels comfortable. Very aerobic. Raises the heartbeat and depending on the speed you wish to walk, can generate a sweat. Very low impact on the joints, unlike treadmills. I also find that it is much more comfortable than a bike.

You don’t even have to touch anything with your arms if you have a good sense of balance. If you do wish to exercise your arms, there are handles you can attach to allow you to do that.  Gym master along Gloucester Road in Bristol sells them. I haven’t found other places that sell them yet.

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