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Question: A friend of mine in New Zealand has asked me to do some urgent research for her. She is applying for a grant to come to the UK and must have her application in by the 31st of July. She wants to write a paper about cooking and RSI [apparently called OOS in New Zealand]. She is interested in finding out what aids for the kitchen the NHS provides for people with RSI. She needs to find contacts for the application.

Answer 1: When my hands were first bad back in 1990 I was assessed by the disability advisor with the DSS and was provided with a tilting kettle stand, tilting teapot stand, electric can opener, ergonomic carving knife and fork, non slip mad for use with a mixing bowl and some foam with a hole in the middle that you put your knife and fork in to make them easier to hold and a fat grip for a pen. I’m not sure if they still exist but that could be somewhere to start.

Answer 2: Yep they do still exist – I’ve seen them recently in our local disability unit which is run by our local authority I have a wonderful fat pen as well! (though not much to do with cookery unless you are writing recipes!)

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