Cortisone Injections

Question: I have had two cortisone injections for tennis elbow and can only say that after a week or two back at work the tennis elbow returned. I have also been advised that you should not have more than perhaps two or three injections – they are not a cure, only if your work environment changes.

Answer 1: I had an injection in my left hand two weeks ago, unfortunately it hasn’t made any difference at all, if anything both hands are now worse and it’s now affecting my left elbow. Seeing specialist again tomorrow anyway, will see what he suggests next

 Answer 2: Finally after a long wait I have seen a Rheumatologist on the NHS who states that I have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and has given me a Cortisone injection in my worst wrist. I have another appointment with him (in five months!!) when he may give me one in the other wrist. He did say that it ought to take effect in about 24 hours, but I haven’t noticed anything yet.  Has anyone else had the injection that can share their experiences, and also its longer term impact (e.g. getting back to work).

It is interesting that a private Rheumatologist I saw through work several weeks ago could see no evidence of Carpal Tunnel. It sounds just like all the cases we keep reading about here and elsewhere.


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  1. If I remember correctly, tennis elbow is a degenerative (opposed to inflammatory) tendon issue, so cortisone shouldn’t be going there…

    Have you considered platelet rich plasma injections? Or, if you can afford it, stem cell injections?

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