Cortisone shots – aren’t they safe?

Cortisone shots – aren’t they safe! When mine got really bad the tendon had jammed immobilizing the thumb (both hands different times) to avoid surgery my wrist and forearm was encased in plaster, as if broken, and ‘healed’ naturally (the pain reduction was amazing). I have also found that the rigid wrist braces help me as I’m too daft to remember that I’m healing NOT better! My Teno was diagnosed by a customer who was also a doctor (I had real fun getting my own GP to confirm his diagnosis). His advice (he had Teno and had ‘made the mistake’ of being operated on – his words) was if you can manage at all, avoid it. I was told by a senior RAF surgeon that the best place for hand reconstruction surgery in the UK is Ulster. I hope I’m not going to be shot down in flames by stating what to some people are basics but I have neither a medical training nor an understanding of Latin – Tendonitis Two parts – Tendon the bit affected – it is a disease. Tenosinovitis Three parts – Teno a shortening of the word tendon – sino  another bit affected (that I can’t spell) – it is a disease.

For those who know it’s easy – it took me years before I found out! Yes this does mean that when you go to a doctor for a diagnosis when you’ve got a gastric upset, and he prods pokes and hums and eventually says Gastritis; he has no idea what you’ve actually got either!

Comment 1: My GP was against cortisone shots — I didn’t ask the US practitioner what the right treatment would have been as it was too late anyway. I wear the wrist braces too, they were a great help. But now I seem to have tendonitis as well and the splints make the pain worse. Yes — well luckily, my GP isn’t mad keen on ops either. Apparently the carpal tunnel one has more chance of success, but if you go back to doing exactly the same thing, it will go wrong too. I was told by a senior RAF surgeon that the best place for hand reconstruction surgery in the UK is Ulster. Belfast is the best place for a lot of that kind of work. I know — I had gastritis too! — as all I had was an irritation caused by having to be somewhere very cold for a week (no heating at all, in quite bitter weather) and eating a rather rich diet at the same time, the diagnosis was OK. I got better pretty fast once I got over the upset of that week, but it could have been worse. I have an eye thing called blepharitis: my eyelids get sore and puffy: that’s what blepharitis means! — again that is no big deal, it’s no fun but once it’s diagnosed (as an allergy) there’s no problem.

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