Cortisone & Tendon Transfer

Question: Has anyone out there received any benefit from Cortisone Injections in the elbow for tenosynovitis?  Has anyone experienced a tendon transfer operation on the elbow?  Would like to hear your views on these procedures.

Answer 1: colleagues of mine have had cortisone injections and they told me the pain was much less or disappeared.  I am wondering, Cortison is a hormone. I have problems with the skin of my head (above and just below my eyes), the gp told me to use a cortison application. And I have RSI in my arms, like some of my colleagues.  I wonder if RSI is about movement only. There are so many people complaining nowadays,

I wonder if it has to do with changes in food or atmosphere or maybe a computerized environment (lots of magnetic fields, maybe they influence the hormone production?Some hormones are against inflammations, like RSI-pain in the arms).  What about magnetic fields, food, whatever? Does anyone have info or ideas?

Answer 2: I have had 4 cortisone injections in my Right Elbow. The first one took all the pain out and allowed me movement and a pain free Elbow. That was in 1992, at that time I played Squash every night as I was a P/T life guard at the city Leisure Centre. This was after 8 Hours of Window Cleaning and a hour before work in the morning weight training.  With the new elbow I returned at once to the squash court, but did not wear a elbow support, and the grip on my racquet was too wide due to me adding toweling.

Within a few days the pain and stiffness had returned and back I went another injection but this time it did not work so well. I had to give up squash and received two more injections which I believe left my right elbow a little weaker. But they were in my opinion well worth it, I still do light work outs with weights and now play badminton instead. I find that my elbow is stiffer if I do not exercise.  Well that was back in 1992-93 last June I Bought a Motor Bike and in the winter due to pulling in the clutch with ill fitting gloves my left elbow got very bad, as to the point where I could not move it.

In April this Year I had the dreaded Injection and touch wood all is Well. SO YES I BELIEVE THEIR A GREAT HELP.

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