Could you tell me a bit more about Cherry Ergo Keyboard

Question: Has anyone tried the Cherry Ergo Keyboard? I have had a trial assessment through PACT and didn’t notice the difference until I returned to a normal keyboard!  Could you tell me a bit more about this? I will shortly be visited by the PACT people and I’m not sure what they can offer me, although one person I spoke to on the phone mentioned getting hold of a matron keyboard for a trial period. Is it anything similar to the Microsoft ‘ergonomic’ one?

Answer 1: I personally use a Maltron keyboard. It is an ergonomic keyboard which has actually been ‘split in half’. I find that without this keyboard I couldn’t work but having said that this is a personal opinion.

Answer 2: Can you tell us what sort of k/b this is please. is it one split through the alpha keys or with a sep number pad, and who stocks it? If it is a supplier you are allowed to use maybe we are too!

Answer 3: I visit website of Maltron keyboard. From the pictures it looks rather hi-tech! I think the web site has links to distributors who sell it in the UK.

Answer 4: The Maltron keyboard is split in half and is concave. I have details of their address and telephone number if anyone wants them.

Answer 5: Does anyone know the approximate cost of these ‘flash’ key-boards

Answer 6: Cherry keyboard approx. =A3140 plus =A330 for numeric pad
Maltron keyboard – starts at =A3375


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  1. Maltron keyboards saved me … after nearly 30 years of touch-typing and gaming on Flat QWERTY (and MS Ergonomic etc) I switched to a Maltron …

    Before Maltron: Pain stopped me from sleeping, I could not use a hammer, ride a bike or lift my Grandchildren.

    After Maltron: I still have RSI issues in my finger (due to mouse use) but my arms/shoulders have nearly recorvered.

    If I go back to a Flat QWERTY it takes about 15 minutes of typing before my arms swell and the pain returns. RSI is real but difficult to see -- doctors will advise anti-inflamatory drugs -- these HIDE not HEAL …

    Note to potential sufferers. The pain increases gradually but is accumulative -- mine started in my finger joints (after 10 years or so) and moved up to the wrists (shooting pains) then finally my shoulders (same symptoms as ‘frozen shoulder’). Not typing for a few days did nothing -- I still had the pain and could not sleep.

    Two days of using the Maltron keyboard and my pain started to go … like a miracle … I would advise any person who types or games on a keyboard to bite-the-bullet and pay up ! What you pay for now will save you your ability later … if I had not switched to Maltron or another “bowl-shaped’ board I would have lost my job and would not be typing this so quickly and wihout error or pain…

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