COX II Inhibitors

Question: The anti-inflammatory I am on now is called Celebrex (cox-2 inhibitor). Apparently it’s quite new (wasn’t available 6 years ago) and does not cause stomach pain. Has anyone here tried it? My brother did. He took it for several months until it caused bleeding in the stomach.

Answer: I have now tried both VIOXX [Rofecoxib] (25mg) and Celebrex (200mg). So far, so good. They are both Cox II inhibitors, reportedly better on the stomach, and recommended to me by an anesthesiologist at my Pain Management programme.  Their manufacturers are competitors who therefore claim that each is better for this or that group. Although for years I have been on anti-inflammatories (and misoprostol or Zantac to protect my stomach from their effects) I have so far been lucky with the Cox II types.

Being the cautious type, and not wishing to return to the severe stomach problems I’ve had in the past, however, I have continued to take these with food and, if already under stress, etc., with a misoprostol.  A web search for these drugs via “cox II inhibitors” & variations may give you further information. T me neither has proven itself to be superior to the other. Neither is enough. I still have to supplement the one pill or capsule per day with co-proxamol or more.

All in all, Pain Management, pacing, and accepting that I will always be in some pain has actually been much more useful.

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