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Question: Do you have any advice which may help me? I am woken at night by CTS pain in my right wrist, which starts as pins and needles and then progresses to cause severe pain in my whole hand and lower arm. I have made a splint and on some nights I have a pain free sleep.  I am waiting to see a hand surgeon but he has a long waiting list. The problem I have is once I get the pain attack, I can do nothing to ease it until eventually it subsides.

Answer : It could be ANT/AMT or trigger points, especially the pain in the lower arm. The muscles in the lower arm tensing up to guard your hand and wrist. I would see a physio to get the ANT/AMT and trigger point option checked out. The RSIA should be able to put you in contact with one in the London area. (Interact? Body Garage? I forget their name.) Get one from a physio or occupational therapist as i suggested in my last post as the one you made up may not hold the wrist in the best position. Make sure the hand surgeon does a nerve conduction/velocity test to make sure it is CTS.

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